What is PowerDirector and How to use it?


PowerDirector is a popular video editing software that offers a lot of options and power for the power user. PowerDirector 12 will offer Adobe Premiere Pro users more power. It is also expected that PowerDirector will have access to the CC suite of Creative Cloud tools, like Premiere Pro and Photoshop. The latest version of PowerDirector is available in the Mac App Store and is available to purchase for $299. PowerDirector 13 is slated to be released in the summer of 2018.

PowerDirector 13 Power Distribution

Several previous PowerDirector versions introduced hardware acceleration, as PowerDirector 12 became the first consumer video editing software to feature hardware acceleration of a few aspects. Unfortunately, PowerDirector 12 only got hardware acceleration for 4K, but not 1080p. PowerDirector 13 will have native support for 4K and for other aspects of video editing. It has also been announced that PowerDirector 13 will only be available on the Mac and Windows OS. PowerDirector 13’s update notes only include the fact that the software will be faster and have more storage. The biggest change for PowerDirector 13 will be its native support for 4K as well as other editing enhancements.

PowerDirector 13 Features

PowerDirector 13 is going to be a big release for those working on Premiere Pro and Photoshop. It is expected that this software will have access to the latest updates of these software programs. This will be the first time PowerDirector will be able to work with a new version of Premiere Pro and Photoshop after the updates have been released. The newest version of Photoshop is expected to be released at the end of January. However, PowerDirector is expected to receive a hardware acceleration update to help with editing with a high-end rig.

Photoshop’s Precision Color Tools

Photoshop’s latest update to Precision Color Tools allows users to change colors in more detail when working with a lot of different color grading tools. PowerDirector’s Precision Color Tools have already received that feature. Unfortunately, PowerDirector’s Precision Color Tools do not offer any level of adjustment of the colors when the color checker is open. PowerDirector has added some other enhancements like the ability to combine three images to create a single color of a logo in Photoshop.

PowerDirector’s Built-In Video Sliders

The power of Adobe Premiere Pro is brought into PowerDirector by adding a couple of Adobe Premiere Pro features. PowerDirector 13’s built-in video sliders allow users to adjust the sliders in Premiere Pro to more precise levels. The sliders in PowerDirector are not just cosmetic. They actually offer more precise levels and reduce the time to enter the right sliders. PowerDirector has also built-in video filters that can be used to edit videos in Premiere Pro.

Auto Color Correction

When PowerDirector 13 updates, users will have the power to add a special auto color correction feature. This feature will allow users to add color details to videos and photos. This feature will allow the user to automatically change the color of a video or photo to match the setting in Lightroom, which is a popular program for editing photos and videos.

PowerDirector Is Taking Action

PowerDirector is going to continue to work hard to make it a power user’s option for video editing. A major part of that goal is to add features and tools to support a video editing experience that is more powerful than what people used to have.

PowerDirector 13 is expected to be released in March of 2018. It is now available as a public beta test.

PowerDirector 13 Features

Unfortunately, there are only a few features available at the moment and the new version is not available to purchase yet. The first new feature PowerDirector 13 will bring to the table is a programmable screen capture. This feature will allow the user to take a screenshot of the video they are editing and edit the video themselves. Also, it is not the only screenshot tool included. PowerDirector 13 will bring a new screenshot tool that will allow users to take multiple screenshots and edit them individually as well as edit videos together as a collection.

Other features include complete hardware acceleration for both editing and video playback. PowerDirector 13’s hardware acceleration includes video playback, as well as video editing. The software, similar to Premiere Pro’s, will feature PowerDRIVE CC for additional processing power. PowerDirector 13’s hardware acceleration will help deliver quality video playback.

PowerDirector 13 Performance

The performance will also be improved in PowerDirector 13. The new version will continue to work with the latest hardware with higher frame rates, as well as higher quality video and audio. For example, Adobe’s own team is planning to provide a fully functional set of audio tools for Premiere Pro that will allow users to control the dynamics and volume of the audio. PowerDirector 13 will bring to the table its own set of audio tools with additional tools to work with audio.

PowerDirector 13 New Hardware Acceleration

The performance improvements for PowerDirector 13 are expected to start in PowerDirector 13. PowerDirector 13 will be available at the end of January. It is now available as a public beta test. The public beta test will allow users to experience all of PowerDirector 13’s new features. After the public beta test is complete, the version will become available for purchase. PowerDirector 13’s pricing has not been announced.

How Many People Will Be Impressed By PowerDirector 13?

This is an important question. Some people may not be impressed with PowerDirector 13’s performance improvements. Some people may not like how powerful Adobe is trying to make PowerDirector, which is similar to Premiere Pro, so they will never use it for video editing. However, PowerDirector is a video editing tool with extensive capabilities. PowerDirector is more powerful than Premiere Pro for some users.

I will be happy if PowerDirector 13 becomes the video editing tool that I need for my video editing work. If PowerDirector is that tool, I will be happy to spend more time with it. If PowerDirector 13 is not that tool, I will continue to use other video editing software for my video editing work.

Note: PowerDirector 13 is not a premium program, so it does not offer advanced features such as the new PowerDirector CC feature of video editing. PowerDirector 13 will still be the power tool for a complete beginner to video editing.

For PowerDirector 13 to become a premium tool, it would need to become a more powerful tool than Premiere Pro. There is no guarantee, however, that PowerDirector 13 will improve in performance. We will let you know once it is officially released and we will report on how PowerDirector performs in all of our tests.

Make the Right Choice for Video Editing

One way to determine if you will be impressed with PowerDirector 13 is to test it. If you like video editing software that offers powerful features like video acceleration and hardware acceleration, you should be impressed with PowerDirector 13’s performance.

We will make the right decision for video editing if we will have enough time to test PowerDirector 13 and how well it performs for our video editing needs. We will make the right decision for PowerDirector 13’s performance and features if we are willing to spend more time with PowerDirector to get the most out of it. I hope to see PowerDirector 13 become a powerful video editing tool that we need for our video editing needs. If you make the right decision for video editing, then we will have our video editing tools all lined up for when we need them.

The choice is now in your hands. We want to see video editing software that is capable of giving us the best performance for our video editing needs. PowerDirector 13 does not offer an option for more power or advanced features like video editing CC, so it is not the right choice. If you are willing to spend time with PowerDirector and see how it performs, it may be right for you.

Although you cannot tell now, the options and features of PowerDirector 13 are a big plus to me. However, the performance improvements may not appeal to you. Please give PowerDirector 13 a test drive. Tell us your thoughts about PowerDirector 13 in the comments section. Let’s see what you think about PowerDirector 13.

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